Is an interactive web-based visualization tool that provides researchers in the field of human studies with a novel visualization method for their datasets, as well as a web-based access to such data. Subject-Book provides two level of data abstraction. The high-level ,where the essence of a study’ s data is condensed and presented in a single figure giving an overview of the study that helps identify the interesting patterns on the fly, and the low-level, which provides a more detailed picture of the data helping users understand the relationship between different pieces of data, confirm found patterns, or disambiguate unexpected observations.

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Getting Started with SubjectBook

Organizing Your Data

Making your data compatible with our tool is easy and straightforward. There are only few steps you need to follow.

Browsing Session

Having created your study, It is time to enjoy the unique view that SubjectBook provide for your data. Navigating between sessions has been made intuitive and friendly.

Interacting with SubjectBook

SubjectBook is an interactive tool that allows researchers to interact with the visualized data to gain more in-depth knowledge about their data helping them find the hidden patterns.